Yoga Cubs


Yoga Cubs classes will involve a fun introduction to yoga for preschoolers through stories, songs, games and adventures (a trip on safari anyone?!). Each week will have a new theme explored through movement as the kids not only develop awareness of their physical movements but also work on important life-skills such as co-operation, mindfulness and reinforcing positive self-esteem, all while learning about the world in which they live.

While classes are designed very much for the children, parents/carers are encouraged to join in with the fun as we will include the option of some parent/child partner poses and are required to stay for the duration of the class.

Classes are currently on Tuesdays 2pm – 2:40pm at the Guide Hall, John Street, Helensburgh. Classes run in 4 week blocks for £20 (sibling discount is available). First class is £2.50 trial price.


A Friday morning class will hopefully start in the near future.