Mum and Baby

Evolution-icons_Mum_and_BabyMum and Baby classes are designed for the post-natal body with an aim to gentle re-build the body from inside out following pregnancy. For mum, classes will focus on strengthening the body particularly the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, posture and releasing some the tension that frequently builds up in new mums around the shoulder and neck area with regular periods of feeding.

Incorporated into the class will be baby yoga and baby massage which have countless benefits for baby. Practicing these techniques can be relaxing for both baby and parent (ideal for bedtime routine) while also being an excellent bonding experience. Additionally, baby yoga and baby massage can help with baby’s development in terms of balance, co-ordination and movement and develops muscle tone. There are also simple techniques which can help soothe common complaints such as wind and colic.

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks after the all important Doctor/Midwife check has been completed, until baby is crawling. If you have had a Caesarean birth, it may be advisable to wait until 12 weeks after birth before starting class – please do consult with your doctor.

Mini movers class builds on the work done in Tiny tots although it is not essential to have been to this class first. Mini movers is suitable for little ones from crawling – 18 months.

Booking is essential!

4 week block – £20

Additional information:

Mats and required props will be available. Please bring a blanket for baby to lie on during class.

At any time during class you are very welcome to feed/change/walk about with your baby as is necessary.


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