Aerial yoga KristyKristy initially came to yoga in 2008 looking for a way to calm her over-worked brain and to really learn how to relax. The included physical exercise was also much needed in her not-especially-active lifestyle.

Over the years, Kristy tried various styles of yoga before finding Seasonal Flow Yoga in 2013 at Glasgow’s Chi and Co. She decided to embark on teacher training in 2014, mainly as a way of adding some balance (and much needed ‘me-time’) back into her life after becoming a new mum and to develop her knowledge of the Seasonal flow practice and the traditions of yoga under the guidance of Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd and Marit Griffith. Kristy now teaches the classes that gave her the energy and clarity of mind to get her life back on an even keel with an emphasis on tuning into the constantly changing seasonal energy throughout the year.

As a new mum, Kristy developed an interest in pre- and post-natal yoga and the benefits it can provide for mum and baby leading to undertaking Pre- and Post-natal Certification with Appleyoga under the teaching of Katy Appleton. Having had no such classes available to her during her own pregnancy or post-natally, she is keen to provide classes specifically focused on the needs of the body during and following pregnancy. Furthering this training, Kristy also undertook training with Birthlight to Baby Yoga level 2 studying deeper into both baby yoga and post-natal yoga. Kristy is  excited to offer Mum and Baby classes, incorporating post-natal yoga for mum with baby yoga and baby massage, empowering parents with techniques that are calming and relaxing for baby and work to strengthen that all important bond between them.

So no matter what your stage in life, come and try the flow yoga moves and feel like you’ve evolved!SYTT 200



What’s in a name? Evolution Yoga

No matter what your reason for coming to yoga, change is an inevitable outcome. Many people start a yoga practice to induce a physical change such as increased flexibility or improving strength. Others come for the much reported mental benefits e.g. reducing stress levels, improving their ability to calm the mind. For others still, a change has occurred in their life, perhaps an injury or an exciting new pregnancy, and they hope yoga will help during their time of transition.

Although we all arrive via different paths, everyone comes to yoga with the intention to develop themselves be it mentally, physically or a combination of the two. Or to put it another way, everyone is aiming to EVOLVE.


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